Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cham Sem : A kind and loving heart, a mind of loving kindness

"For over a thousand years, the study and practice of buddist teachings have grown in Tibet, entering all areas of Tibetan society and life. The tradition of sport, education, art and culture which flourished during this period features among the most sophisticated in the Buddist world.

Unfortunately, the future of this exceptional cultural heritage is threatened today.

Since 2001 the Art’Tibet Association has actively supported schools, monastries and masters to help keep this invaluable culture alive. I genuinely support their work and am convinced of the importance of their actions to preserve our tradition." Sogyal Rinpoche

Among the different projects, Cham Sem is supporting the Manali School in many ways and you will find here a wonderfull report "life at school" illustrating the work done by the association...

You can support them by sponsoring a child or a nun but also by participating to a volonteer mission in India or Tibet (they are looking for english teachers for exemple) ! This could be a precious opportunity to put into practice the teachings and to contribute in a concrete way to help the Tibetans and support their culture of peace, wisdom and non-violence so vital for humanity.

Contact : tibet_chamsem@yahoo.fr

Website : http://www.art-tibet.fr/index.htmlLien