Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Youth evening in Amsterdam

It was barely 2 weeks after Robert and Han came back from Lerab Ling, but there was no time to lose: the Dutch Rigpa curriculum had to be upgraded with some youthfull events.

We had a short evocative teaching from Rinpoche, did some sitting practise and exchanged how our practise was going. After that, some of us closed the evening with some beer, nuts and polish vodka.

Unfortunatly promotion wasn't something we had thought of very much, our friends were to lame to come and some people could not attend because of the distance (even in holland!) and so we had to be content with a total number of 5 people attending (and one of them came 1 houre late). Well, at least it shouldn't be to hard to improve on that the next time!

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