Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kalu Rinpoche visits Lerab Ling

Thanks to Sogyal Rinpoche's kindness, we had the good fortune to have Yangsi Kalu Rinpoche (19 years old) visit us at Lerab Ling....Many of us were been deeply touched by his simplicity and his way of being close to us! He really created an intimacy with the audience by sharing his experience with a warm and direct style !

Although the Rigpa Youth interview with Kalu Rinpoche didn't happen, his teachings themselves gave some amazing tools to understand the authentic Dharma in a modern perspective. He taught on the Four Foundations of
Shangpa (the Shangpa Preliminaries) which is similar to our Ngondro... (Jamyang Kyentse Rinpoche was one of the holders this lineage). He took some fresh and vivid examples to make us understand the main points of Renunciation, Refuge, Mandala Offering and so on....

During this retreat we organized some Rigpa Youth sessions (with 10 to 15 people) and we quite spontaneously studied, sang and recorded the Aspiration song for the word for Karmapa Youth Project in the grass in front of the Temple... (We felt that was quite auspicious because of the close connection between Kalu Rinpoche and HH Karmapa !)

In the end, Kalu Rinpoche specially blessed the RY group.

It was a privilege to meet Yangsi Kalu Rinpoche... a unique and precious experience !

Report by Nicolas Moysan

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