Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Four Reminders

"If we are reminded of these Four Thoughts and really integrate this
understanding and change our attitude, that alone can transform our life.
We can become a more responsible, joyful and understanding person."

1) Life is precious
How happy and satisfied we are, depends on how much we appreciate what we

2) Impermanence
There is nothing that doesn't change. That's the nature of life. The more
we see this clearly, the more we can let things be. There's no use holding
on too much to either negative things or positive things that happen to us

3) Samsara
All of us have selfishness, greed, agression and ignorance. Nobody is
perfect. Therefore we can be forgiving and have compassion for those who
do negative things.
There's lots of pain and suffering in the world around us. The more we
understand that, the more we don't expect things to be perfect.

4) Karma
Everything has causes and conditions. I am responsible for myself. What I
am now, is because of what I have done. What I will be is because of what
I do now. So therefore, my future is, in a way, in my hands. So I have to think and
act in a positive way.

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