Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life at Lerab Ling: The Sadhana of Soccer

Although Lerab Ling is situated

relatively remote,

20 minutes by car from the nearest supermarket –the hallmark of civilization-, it does not escape the football madness that currently captures a large part of the world. In between the work, teachings and practices, a considerable section of the Lerab Ling residents manages to find the time to watch the world championship football. Countries where football traditionally forms a large part of the culture like Holland and Germany are well represented at Lerab Ling, and the tension rises now that both teams might meet

in the finals.

As the tournament progresses the noise level somehow also seems to rise. Therefore, as recently a meditation retreat started at Lerab Ling, we had to move our football theatre to a slightly more remote place. But no worries, because we have some skilled and fanatic –especially some Germans- football fans who didn’t mind setting up some benches, a television and an old satellite to make that happen. As the stress level rises with the preparations for the upcoming summer retreats, the matches seem to be a good time when everyone can let go. With this soccer fever, Lerab Ling starts to look more and more like a Tibetan Monastery: for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, most likely you haven’t seen The Cup.

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