Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rigpa Shedra practices Yang Nying Pudri at Asura Cave

During Sogyal Rinpoche's visit to Nepal, Rinpoche advised the Rigpa Shedra to practice more. That meant doing more Sadhana's and Tsoks in general, but especially doing the Vajrakilaya practice of Yang Nying Pudri. And so it happened that the Rigpa Shedra prepared a Yang Nying Pudri tsok at the Asura cave in the Rigpa Shedra's hometown, Pharping. Performing Tertön Sogyal's Vajrakilaya practice at Asura cave can be considered as very auspicious, because it is the cave where Guru Rinpoche accomplished Vajrakilaya. It was also very fortunate that the Shedra’s Khenpo, Sonam Tobden, joined the practice. Because of the location, there was no big sound system and thus a tiny phone speaker was used to play the practice. Therefore the Shedra students had to chant a little bit louder themselves, but this was actually even more inspiring.

One student commented: "It was all very auspicious. When we walked to the cave we saw Chatral Rinpoche in his car, and when we got to the cave Neten Chokling was there, reciting prayers to Guru Rinpoche [in fact, from Rigpa's ‘The Prayer in seven chapters to Padmakara] "

Through this practice, may all obstacles for Rinpoche, the Rigpa shedra and Rigpa as a whole be pacified!

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